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Three boys making a snowman; two children in foreground

carrying water buckets.

the boys have made a big snow man.

they have put a tall hat on his head, and an old pipe in his mouth.

Hear them laugh as they play!

It is good fun for the boys.

they would like to have it snow all day and all night.


Bee flying near vine

"Buzz! buzz!" a bee said to Mary.

"What do you mean?" said Mary. "Please tell me once more."

"Buzz! buzz! buzz!" but Mary could not tell its wants.

I think it said, "Please let me get some sweets in this vine.


One day Nat and I sat on the high hill by the sea, where the tall lighthouse stands. We could look far out, and could see the ships at sea.

As we sat there, we saw a man near by, with some sheep and lambs. the man had a pipe in his mouth. He sat with us, and let the sheep eat the grass.

What fun it is to see lambs play! It made us laugh to see them.

the man said that once, when the sheep and lambs were out in the snow, an old wolf took one of the lambs, and ran off with it.

I think that men should watch their sheep, so that a wolf can not catch them.


while might time things done right your halves

Work while you work,    Play while you play, One thing each time,    that is the way.

All that you do,    Do with your might, things done by halves,    Are not done right.


Boy fishing from log

One day John went to the pond to fish. His dog, Watch, went with him.

John sat on a log for a time, but did not catch a fish.

As he got up to go, he fell off the log. Watch sprang in to save him. John put his arms round the dog's neck, and was soon safe on the log once more.

"thank you, my brave old dog," said John to Watch.


Girl talking to boy leading horse and wagon

James has been to the mill.

the day is warm, and he lets his horse stand in the shade.

A girl asks him to show her the way to the town. He tells her the way, and then drives on.

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