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Quail in brush

"John! come here. Be quick, and tell me what kind of bird this is."

"Do you not know, Henry?"

"Oh, no! what is it?" "It is a quail."

"It is the first quail I have seen. Is it good to eat?"

"Yes; but I should not like to kill it."


Baby sleeping in crib

Is not this a dear baby in the crib?

Her name is Kate, and she has big, blue eyes. You can not see her eyes, for they are shut.

Kate is a good baby; but she will cry if she is hurt, or if she is not well.

Bess likes to sit near the baby, and to rock her in the crib.


Henry Black and Ned Bell livexx near our housexx . they go to school, and I see them go by each day with their books and slates.

Miss May tells the girls and boys that they should be at the schoolhouse when the bell rings. So Henry walks fast, and is first at school. He is a good boy, and wants to keep the rule of the school.

Ned is not a good boy. I do not think he likes to go to school or to church.

I saw him try to kill a quail with a stone. the quail is too quick a bird for that, and Ned did not hurt it; but I know that a good child would not try to kill a bird.

there is a baby at Ned's housexx . Her name is Kate. Ned is not a good boy, but he loves Kate, and I do not think he would hurt her.


Lighthouse on cliff above pounding surf

the tall housexx which you see on that high rock is a lighthouse. At night its light is seen far out at sea, and the men on ships can tell where to go.

If it were not for this, they would run on the rocks.

How would you like to livexx in a lighthouse?


Sheep grazing under a tree. Two boys watching from fence in the background

Let us watch the sheep as they feed on the hills. they like to eat the new grass.

Do you see my two lambs? I had two more; but an old wolf took them one night.

I love my pet lambs. It would be wrong to hurt them

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