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Girl riding in small cart pulled by two goats

Bess has a cart and two goats.

She likes to ride in her cart.

See how the goats pull!

Bess is so big, I think she should walk up the hill.

the goats love Bess, for she feeds them, and is kind to them.


boys running in front of burning housexx

this housexx is on fire.

Look! the roof is in a blaze.

Run, boys, and ring the bell. Call some men to put out the fire.

We may yet save the housexx , if we work hard


Bess, do you hear a noise?

Yes, Tom; what is it?

It is the mill by our housexx ; logs are cut there.

How do they cut the logs, Tom,—with an axe?

Not with an axe, Bess; it is too hard work; they cut them with a saw.

May we not go and see the mill at work, Tom?

Yes, I think so. the air is cool, and we can walk in the shade. We should go soon, Bess, or the pile of wood will be gone.

Our two goats and the cart are here, Tom; we can ride to the mill. It is not up hill, and the goats can pull us fast.


Six children surrounding young woman

the girls and boys all love Miss May; she is so kind to them.

Miss May tells them there is a rule that she wants them to keep. It is, "Do to each one as you would like each one to do to you."

this is a good rule, and all boys and girls should keep it.


Several people standing in front of school that appears similar to a small church

What kind of housexx is this?

Do you think it is a schoolhouse, or a church?

It looks like a church, but I think it is a schoolhouse.

I see the boys and girls with their books and slates.

When the bell rings, they will go in.

A good child likes to go to school.

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