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Cow's leaving pasture at sunset

the sun will soon set.

the cows are on their way to the barn.

One old cow has a bell on her neck. She sees our dog, but she will not run.

Our dog is kind to the cows


Men rowing through storm to shipwreck

the ship has run on a rock.

Five men are on the ship.

If the boat can not get to them, they will drown.

the boat has brave men in it. they will save the five men.


Come, boys, and feed the cows. the sun has set, and they are at the barn.

Sue has a bell on the neck of her pet cat.

One hot day Ann and Nell sat on the grass in the shade of a big tree. they like to rock their dolls, and sing to them.

the brave men in our boat are on their way to the ship. they will save the men in the ship, if they can. they will not let them drown.

What bird has big eyes? the owl. Can an owl see at night? Yes, an owl can see best at night.


Children skating on pond in winter

the boys are on the ice with their skates.

there is a stone on the ice.

One boy did not see it, and has had a fall.

But he is a brave boy, and will not cry.

Sawmill near river town and hillside in background two children playing near river in foreground


look go John here all wheel mill have round

j e

Look! there are John and Sue by the mill pond.

they like to see the big wheel go round.

they have come to play on the logs and in the boat.

John and Sue will play here all day.

the cows like grass.

they stand in the shade.

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