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Bird perched on girl's hand

this is a pet bird.

It livesxx in a new cage.

It will stand on Sue's hand, and sing.

Sue loves her pet bird.

So do I love it.


boys playing in snow by canal

Do you see the boys at play?

Yes, I see them; there are five of them.

Tom is too fat to run fast.

Nat can catch him.

I like to see boys play.


Sue has a doll and a pet bird.

Her doll has a new dress and a cap.

Sue loves Mary, and will let her hold the doll.

the pet bird livesxx in a cage. Sue and Mary will stand by the cage, and the bird will sing.

there are birds in the tree by the pond. Can you see them?

Yes; there are five of them in a nest.

Tom will not rob a bird's nest. He is too kind to do so.

Nell will feed the ducks.

Sue has a new dress.


Owl perched on tree branch

What bird is this? It is an owl.

What big eyes it has!

Yes, but it can not see well by day.

the owl can see best at night.

Nat Pond has a pet owl.


cows standing under a tree

the day is hot.

the cows are in the shade of the big tree.

they feed on the new grass.

Our cows do not run off.

At night they come to the barn.

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