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Mother with girl holding cat, by lamplight

a mat the stand

See the lamp! It is on a mat.

the mat is on the stand.

the lamp is Nat's, and the mat is Ann's.


boy and dog chasing a horse

See the nag! It is Tom's nag.

Can Tom catch his nag?

He can not catch him.

the dog ran at the nag, and the nag ran.


Tom's nag is fat; his dog is not fat.

Nat is on Tom's nag.

Nat's dog, Rab, can not catch the rat.

See the frog on the log.

A lad sees the frog.

the lad can not catch it.

A cat is on the mat; the cat sees a rat.

Ann's fan is on the stand.

the man has a lamp.

A dog ran at the man.

Ann sat on a log.

Tom sees Nat's dog.

A fat frog is on the log.

Can not Rab catch it?


cat watching hen, watching eggs in nest.

the box a nest

this is a fat hen.

the hen has a nest in the box.

She has eggs in the nest.

A cat sees the nest, and can get the eggs.


Dog chasing fox away from hen

Can this old fox catch the hen?

the fox can catch the hen, and get the eggs in the nest.

Run, Rab, and catch the fox.

this nest has eggs in it.

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