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children moving toy boat with fan at seaside

a fan a hat

Ann and Nat.

Ann has a fan.

Nat has a hat.

Ann can fan Nat.


boy running and old man with out sitting

a cap the lad

A man and a lad.

the man sat; the lad ran.

the man has a hat.

the lad has a cap.


the cat and the rat ran.

Ann sat, and Nat ran.

A rat ran at Nat.

Can Ann fan the lad?

the man and the lad.

the man has a cap.

the lad has a fan.

Has Ann a hat?

Ann has a hat and a fan.

a at rat sat

can cap lad and

the cat ran. Ann ran.

the man has a hat.


Boy and dog watching cat on  post

Nat's cap a fat dog

Has the lad a dog?

the lad has a fat dog.

the dog has Nat's cap.

Nat and Rab ran.

Rab ran at a cat.


Boy sitting on fence, watching frog sitting on a rat

a log the frog

See the frog on a log.

Rab sees the frog.

Can the frog see Rab?

the frog can see the dog.

Rab ran at the frog.

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