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I love my dear puss,
Her fur is so warm;

And, if I don't hurt her,
She'll do me no harm.

I'll pat my dear puss,
And then she will pur,

And show me her thanks
For my kind deeds to her.


Children playing in wood. Two boys in foreground playing a fife and drum

It is the first of May. the boys and girls have gone to the woods to have a good time. See them at their play.

the girls have wreaths in their hands.

Now they will crown some one Queen of the May. Who shall it be?

It should be the best girl, and that is Kate.


Small girl watching a tree. Two acorns shown in inset
Do you see that tall tree?
Long ago it sprang up from a small nut.

Do you know who made it do so?
It was God, my child. 

God made the world and all things in it. 

He made the sun to light the day, 
and the moon to shine at night.

God shows that he loves us 
by all that he has done for us. 

Should we not then love him?


Sunset lake in foreground moon and stars
When the stars, at set of sun,
Watch you from on high;

When the light of morn has come,
think the Lord is nigh

All you do, and all you say,
He can see and hear;

When you work and when you play,
think the Lord is near.

All your joys and griefs  he knows,
Sees each smile and tearxx

When to him you tell your woes,
Know the Lord will hear


n u n nun

u r n urn

s u n sun

c o w cow

s a w saw

r i m rim

c a t cat

l a d lad

b o x box

h e n hen

k i d kid

q u o quo

p e n pen

j a r jar

e y e eye

g u n gun

v i z viz

i v y ivy

f a n fan

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