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One boy riding a horse, and another boy riding a cart pulled by a horse

Here come Frank and James White. Do you know where they livexx ?

Frank is riding a horse, and James is driving one hitched to a cart. they are out very early in the day. How happy they are!

See how well Frank rides, and how tight James holds the lines!

the boys should be kind to their horses. It is not best to whip them.

When they have done riding, they will give the horses some hay or corn.

Slate Work

Script Exercise

Some horses can trot very fast. Would you like to ride fast? One day I saw a dog hitched up a little cart. the cart had some corn in it.


Girl picking flowers

A little girl went in search of flowers for her mother. It was early in the day, and the grass was wet. Sweet little birds were singing all around her.

And what do you think she found besides flowers? A nest with young birds in it.

While she was looking at them, she heard the mother bird chirp, as if she said, "Do not touch my children, little girl, for I love them dearly."

the little girl now thought how dearly her own mother loved her.

So she left the birds. then picking some flowers, she went home, and told her mother what she had seen and heard.


Boy and girl sitting in wicker clothes basket Woman sitting in chair

"Mamma, will you go to town?"

"What do you ask for a ticket on your train?"

"Oh! we will give you a ticket, mamma."

"About what time will you get back? "

"At half past eight."

"Ah! that is after bedtime. Is this the fast train?"

"Yes, this is the lightning train."

"Oh! that is too fast for me."

"What shall we get for you in town, mamma?"

"A big basket, with two good little children in it."

"All right! Time is up! Ding, ding!"


Several children in woods. Three are holding books others are playing with a ball

It is noon, and the school is out. Do you see the children at play? Some run and jump, some play ball, and three little girls play school under a tree.

What a big room for such a small school!

Mary is the teacher. they all have books in their hands, and Fanny is reading.

they are all good girls, and would not be rude even in playing school.

Kate and Mary listen to Fanny as she reads from her book.

What do you think she is reading about? I will tell you. It is about a poor little boy who was lost in the woods.

When Fanny has finished, the three girls will go home.

In a little while, too, the boys will give up their playing.


Girl sitting at dinner table. Parrot is on a perch in the foreground

Lucy has a new pet. Do you know what kind of bird it is? Lucy calls her Polly.

Polly can say, "Poor Poll! Poor Poll! Polly wants a cracker;" and she can mew like a cat.

But Polly and the cat are not good friends. One day Polly flew down, and lit upon the cat's back when she was asleep.

I think she knew the cat would not like that, and she did it to tease her.

When Lucy pets the cat, Polly flies up into the old apple tree, and will not come when she calls her. then Lucy says, "What a silly bird!"


"Well, children, did you have a nice time in the woods?"

"Oh yes, mother, such a good time! See what sweet flowers we found, and what soft moss. the best flowers are for grandma. Wonxx't they please her?"

"Yes; and it will please grandma to know that you thought of her."

Dog sitting by picnic basket in woods Two dolls are lying next to the basket

"Rab was such a good dog, mother.

We left him under the big tree by the brook, to take care of the dolls and the basket.

"When we came back, they were all safe. No one could get them while Rab was there. We gave him some of the crackers from the basket.

"O mother, how the birds did sing in the woods!

"Fanny said she would like to be a bird, and have a nest in a tree. But I think she would want to come home to sleep."

"If she were a bird, her nest would be her home. But what would mother do,

I wonder, without her little Fanny?"


text: beach shells Horses pulling family in wagon

these boys and girls livexx near the sea. they have been to the beach. It is now evening, and they are going home.

John, who sits on the front seat, found some pretty shells. they are in the basket by his side.

Ben White is driving. He holds the lines in one hand, and his whip in the other.

Robert has his hat in his hand, and is looking at the horses. He thinks they are very lazy; they do not trot fast.

the children are not far from home. In a little while the sun will set, and it will be bedtime.

Have you ever been at the seaside? Is it not good sport to watch the big waves, and to play on the wet sand?


Father and son fishing from under a tree

One evening Frank's father said to him, "Frank, would you like to go with me to catch some fish?"

"Yes; may I go? and with you, father?"

"Yes, Frank, with me."

"Oh, how glad I am!"

Here they are, on the bank of a river. Frank has just pulled a fine fish out of the water. How proud he feels!

See what a nice, quiet spot they have found. Frank has the stump of a big tree for his seat, and his father sits on a log near by. they like the sport.


rain outside often pitter say window

sound patter drops sometimes only music


Script Exercise

I wish, Mamma you would

tell me where the rain comes

from. Does it come from the

sky? And when the little

drops pitter-patter on the window

do you think they are

playing with me? I can not

work or readyy for I love to listen

to them. I often think their

sound is pretty music. But the

rain keeps children at home

and sometimes I do not like

that, then.

the little raindrops only say,

"Pit, pitter, patter, pat;

While we play on the out-side,

Why can't you play on that?"


Children skating and playing in the snow

I like winter, when snow and ice cover the ground. What fun it is to throw snowballs, and to skate on the ice!

See the boys and girls! How merry they are! Henry has his sled, and draws his little sister. there they go!

I think Henry is kind, for his sister is too small to skate.

Look! Did you see that boy fall down? But I see he is not hurt, for he is laughing.

Some other boys have just come to join in the sport. See them put on their skates.

Henry says, that he hopes his father will get a pair of skates for his sister next winter.