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Two girls standing by pond. One girl is using a pole to push a small wooden tub containing dolls

"Here, Ponto! Here, Ponto!" Kate called to her dog. "Come, and get the dolls out of the pond."

Rose went under, but she did not drown. Bess was still on the top of the water.

Ponto came with a bound, and jumped into the pond. He swam around, and got

Bess in his mouth, and brought her to the shore.

Ponto then found Rose, and brought her out, too.

Kate said, "Good, old Ponto! Brave old dog!"

What do you think of Ponto?


Woman and girl sitting under a tree

"What a bright June day! the air is pure. the sky is as blue as it can be.

Lucy and her mamma are in the woods. they have found a nice spot, where there is some grass.

they sit in the shade of the trees, and Lucy is singing.

the trees are not large, but they make a good shade.

Lucy's kind mamma says that they will have a picnic when her papa can get a tent.


James and Robert have gone into the shade of a high wall to play ball.

Mary and Lucy have come up from the pond near by, with brave old Ponto, to see them play.

When they toss the ball up in the air, and try to catch it, Ponto runs to get it in his mouth.

Now the ball is lost. they all look for it under the trees and in the grass; but they can not see it. Where can it be?

See! Ponto has found it. Here he comes with it. He will lay it at little

Lucy's feet, or put it in her hand.


Five boys carrying a large American flag. Man in background is smoking a pipe

"Papa, may we have the big flag?" said James.

"What can my little boy do with such a big flag?"

"Hoist it on our tent, papa. We are playing Fourth of July."

"Is that what all this noise is about? Why not hoist your own flags?"

"Oh! they are too little."

"You might spoil my flag."

"then we will all join to pay for it. But we will not spoil it, papa."

"Take it, then, and take the coil of rope with it."

"Oh! thank you. Hurrah for the flag, boys!"


White kitten lapping milk from a bowl


Script Exercise

Kitty, my pretty, white kitty.

Why do you scamper away?

I've finished my work and my lesson

And now I am ready for play.

Come, kitty, my own little kitty.

I've saved you some milk come and see.

Now drink while I put on my bonnet,

And play in the garden with me.


Boy untying a white boat from post in pond

Frank has a pretty boat. It is white, with a black line near the water.

He keeps it in the pond, near his home. He always takes good care of it.

Frank has been at work in the garden, and will now rowxx a while.


Two children on porch. Girl is holding a bowl Boy is seated on the step holding a model sailboat

"What is that?" said Lucy, as she came out on the steps. "Oh, it is a little boat! What a pretty one it is!"

"I will give it to you when it is finished," said John, kindly. "Would you like to have it?"

"Yes, very much, thank you, John. Has grandma seen it?"

"Not yet; we will take it to her by and by. What have you in your pan,


"Some corn for my hens, John; they must be very hungry by this time."


Woman and boy walking on path next to fence  Woman is carrying a basket

James has been to market with his mamma.

She has bought some bread, some meat, and some tea, which are in the basket on her arm.

James is trying to tell his mamma what he has seen in the market.


Girl standing by old woman in rocking chair

See my dear, old grandma in her easy-chair! How gray her hair is! She wears glasses when she reads.

She is always kind, and takes such good care of me that I like to do what she tells me.

When she says, "Robert, will you get me a drink?" I run as fast as I can to get it for her. then she says, "thank you, my boy."

Would you not love a dear, good grandma, who is so kind? And would you not do all yon could to please her?


Girl standing next to woman seated on porch

"Come here, Lucy, and listen! What is in this flower?"

"O mother! it is a bee. I wonder how it came to be shut up in the flower!"

"It went into the flower for some honey, and it may be it went to sleep.

then the flower shut it in.

"the bee likes honey as well as we do, but it does not like to be shut up in the flower.

"Shall we let it out, Lucy?"

"Yes; then it can go to other flowers, and get honey."