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Two girls standing in meadow play with a ball

O Fanny, what a pretty ball!

Yes; can you catch it, Ann?

Toss it to me, and see. I will not let it fall.

that was well done

Now, Fanny, toss it to the top of the wall, if you can.


Woman and two girls standing by gate in fence

Did you call us, mamma?

I went with Tom to the pond. I had my doll, and Tom had his flag.

the fat duck swam to the bank, and we fed her. Did you think we might fall into the pond?

We did not go too near, did we, Tom?

May we go to the swing, now, mamma?


Two boy standing on porch as band passes in street

Here comes the band! Shall we call mamma and Fanny to see it?

Let us stand still, and hear the men play as they pass.

I hope they will stop here and play for us.

See the large man in front of the band, with his big hat. What has he in his hand? How fine he looks!

Look, too, at the man on that fine horse.

If the men do not stop, let us go with them and see where they go.


Boy and girl with goat-cart in woods; tent in background

Bess and Robert are very happy; papa and mamma have gone to the woods with them.

Robert has a big tent and a flag, and Bess has a little bed for her doll.

Jip is with them. Robert will make him draw Bess and her doll in the cart.


Boy talking to girl sitting on steps with a doll

"Kate, will you play with me?" said James. "We will dig in the sand with this little spade. that will be fine sport."

"Not now James" said Kate; "for I must make my doll's bed. Get Mary to play with you."

James went to get Mary to play with him. then Kate made the doll's bed.

She sang a song to her doll, and the doll lay very still in her lap.

Did the doll hear Kate sing?


Two girls and boy in the woods

Kate has left her doll in its little bed, and has gone to play with Mary and James. they are all in the shade, now, by the brook.

James digs in the soft sand with his spade, and Mary picks up little stones and puts them in her lap.

James and Mary are glad to see Kate. She will help them pick up stones and dig, by the little brook.



"What shall we do?" said Fanny to John. "I do not like to sit still. Shall we hunt for eggs in the barn?"

"No" said John; "I like to play on the grass. Will not papa let us catch

Prince, and go to the big woods?"

"We can put the tent in the cart, and go to some nice spot where the grass is soft and sweet."

"that will be fine," said Fanny. "I will get my doll, and give her a ride with us."

"Yes," said John, "and we will get mamma to go, too. She will hang up a swing for us in the shade."


Girl kneeling by small chicken coop

Peep, peep! Where have you gone, little chick? Are you lost? Can't you get back to the hen?

Oh, here you are! I will take you back. Here, hen, take this little chick under your wing.

Now, chick, tuck your little, wet feet under you, and go to sleep for a while.

Peep, peep! How safe the little chick feels now!


Boys playing with kite. A dog stand by the boys

this is a fine day. the sun shines bright. there is a good windxx , and my kite flies high. I can just see it.

the sun shines in my eyes; I will stand in the shade of this high fence.

Why, here comes my dog! He was under the cart. Did you see him there?

What a good time we have had! Are you not glad that we did not go to the woods with John?


Script Exercise

the pond is still. How it shines in the hot sun! Let us go into the woods where we can sit in the shade.


Two girls standing by fence, one is pulling a small wooden tub with a rope along the path

"Kate, I wish we had a boat to put the dolls in. Don't you?"

"I know what we can do. We can get the little tub, and tie a rope to it, and drag it to the pond. this will float with the dolls in it, and we can get a pole to push it from the shore."

"What a funny boat, Kate! A tub for a boat, and a pole for an oar! Wonxx't it upset?"

"We can try it, Nell, and see."

"Well you get the tub, and I will get a pole and a rope. We will put both dolls in the tub, and give them a ride."


Script Exercise

the dolls had a nice ride to the pond. A soft windxx made the tub float out. Nell let the pole fall on the tub, and upset it.