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Girl, boy, goat pulling cart

O Ben! let me get in, will you?

Yes, if you will sit still.

Stand still, Jip, and let Ann get in.

Now, Ben, hand me the whip.

Get up, Jip!



Girl sitting at window with bird cage

Kitty has a nice pet. It can sing a sweet song.

She has just fed it.

She will now put it in the cage, and hang the cage up. then the cat can not catch it.


Boy and Dog

Look at Tom and his dog. the dog has a black spot on his back. Do you think he is a good dog?

Tom has a big top, too. It is on the box with Kitty's doll.


Man and girl standing by a pond

the sun is up. the man has fed the black hen and the fat duck.

Now the duck will swim in the pond. the hen has run to her nest.

Let us not stop at the pond now, for it is hot.

See how still it is! We will go to see Tom and his top.


John rock set jump fun must

may under skip bank but touch

O John! the sun has just set. It is not hot, now.

Let us run and jump. I think it is fun to run, and skip, and jump.

See the duck on the pond! Her nest is up on the bank, under the rock.

We must not touch the nest, but we may look at it


the sun has set, and the pond is still.

John, Ned, Ben, Tom, and Nell stand on the bank, and look at the duck.

the dog with a black spot on his back, is with Tom. See! Tom has his hat in his hand. He has left his big top on the box.

Kitty's doll is on the rock. Nell has put her pet in the cage. It will sing a sweet song. the duck has her nest under the rock.

It is not hot now. Let us run, and skip, and jump on the bank. Do you not think it is fun?


are ink moss this tub up set a


Script Exercise

the pen and the ink are on the stand. Is this a good pen? the moss is on the rock. this duck can swim. Ben upset the tub.


nut did shut shall lost fox

men met step into hunt mud


Script Exercise

Will the dog hunt a fox? Ben lost his hat. Shall I shut the box? I met him on the step. Did you jump into the mud? I have a nut. I met the man.


Cow standing in pond

O Kate! the old cow is in the pond: see her drink! Will she not come out to get some grass?

No, John, she likes to be in the pond. See how still she stands!

the dear old cow gives us sweet milk to drink.


Man and girl riding a horse

Papa, will you let me ride with you on Prince? I will sit still in your arms.

See, mamma! We are both on Prince. How large he is!

Get up, Prince! You are not too fat to trot as far as the barn.